Golden Cydia is a popular name in the industry of iOS Jailbreak. We all know that Android comes with a lot of easily customizable features which iOS lags normally to provide. But by Jailbreaking, which is basically rooting the device we can customize an iPhone (iOS) device the way we want it to.

If you try performing a root over Android Devices you won’t find many issues but whereas on the other hand on the iPhone is rarely possible to do so. For that many websites came in front but hardly anyone had the proper solution for it.

What is Golden Cydia

Golden Cydia is a Jailbreaking app that allows iOS users to root or rather say jailbreak their device without any major issues. It helps to download paid apps for free and also songs, music, videos, and lot more. Beside this there are tons of other useful features of Golden Cydia, so let’s see what they are.

Golden Cydia Features

  1. Fast and Smooth UI.
  2. It allows users to download and use paid apps, games and videos for free without any hidden charges.
  3. Runs even on slow internet connection.
  4. Have millions of app inside it both paid and free, but no matter what all are free to download.
  5. Golden Cydia allows you to install and use there apps on a non-jailbreak device too.

Way to Download Apps from Golden Cydia for iOS

  1. Unlock your device, open safari browser.
  2. Download Golden Cydia for iOS now.
  3. The website is built on regional language so you might not able to understand, use any translator to use it.
  4. Now just search for the apps you are looking for, as there of tons of apps available to download
  5. Install by download the one you like, and that’s it!
  6. But it may block saying un-trustworthy source, don’t worry simple head over to settings and allow it.
  7. Then install again, and wait for it to get install.
  8. Now enjoy your apps for free on Golden Cydia.

Note: Only use safari browser if your device is not jailbroken.

Now you can enjoy your favorite app even if paid app, then too for free on your iOS device. Hope you liked the post on Golden Cydia if you did like then do share with your iOS user friends and comment below in case of any queries. Also, the developer did a great job, thanks to them but hope they revamp and make it available in regional languages too.